Upcoming Classes:

Saturday, February 11, 2023 at Cecile Garrison’s lovely ranch-studio in Visalia, CA.  Class will be held from 9 am to 3 pm.

Students will receive a class-ready gourd, Southern long-leaf pine needles and 4 ply Irish waxed linen for
their creation. The gourds have been cleaned, cut, sanded, dyed and finished with a clear hard-coat to
protect it from fingerprints. Holes have been drilled around the cut edge enabling students to focus on
stitching techniques.
Students will select between three stitches: a single stitch, the V stitch or the wheat stitch. If the student is not able to complete the project during class, they will receive enough materials to complete it at home.
Handouts will be provided.

Classes held in Artist’s Studio:

Pine Needle Coiling on Gourd

Toni shares her expertise with students in a class tailored to each student’s interest.  No prior experience is necessary. 
Choose from ten different coiling techniques.
$65 (all materials and lunch provided)
Held at Toni Best’s Studio in Visalia, CA
Please call Toni at  (559) 627-5430 or email
  to inquire about dates of upcoming classes.

Here are three possible techniques students may learn:
1. Stitch Sampler
Student utilize three – four different stitches thus creating a sampler of stitches.

2. Floating Coils
Students create a piece of pine needle coiling on a gourd utilizing floating coils. Floating coils are ones which at some point do not touch the previous coil. After coiling at least three rows of pine needles on a prepared gourd, students start to add floating coils. This enables the coiler to use their imagination and whimsey while coiling.

3. Pine Needle Fascicle
Students learn to coil pine needles on a prepared gourd using the tips or fascicles to create either a vertical or swirling pattern. Students should be able to complete their pieces during the class or receive enough materials to finish their creations at home.

Classes held in other locations:

Dancing Ring

Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom